Code Wars 2014 Windwardopolis 2 – C++ Client Instructions


  • Visual Studio 2012 or 2013
  • Microsoft C++ only
  • Your avatar must be in the working directory for your code

Video demonstration.

Download the C++ A.I. client here.

Getting Started

We recommend you test the A.I. client and server first.

  • For the server, run Windwardopolis2.exe from the server download.
  • The client comes with a Visual Studio SLN solution file in the ZIP file (look in the vc directory).
  • If it is all set up correctly, the client will be able to connect to the server. If not, check that port 1707 is not blocked by the firewall.
  • Once it is up and running, the main file you will want to look at is myplayerbrain.cpp.