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Having learned computers from “Hackers” and sales from “Thank You For Smoking,” Logan bridges the gap between the technical and non-technical. As a sales engineer, he enjoys not only solving problems but relating them in some way to the (mostly awful) movies he watches while recovering from skiing or hiking trips, depending on the season.

Posted on 10/29/2014

Editor’s note: This is our second article in a new blog series on getting to know AutoTag better, where we introduce you to cool features you may have overlooked. Did you know you can use AutoTag pods to save tons of template design time? Report development is not the most exciting task in the world. We […] …read more

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Posted on 10/01/2014

How much do you really want to know? That’s the real question when you’re deciding on a GROUP BY vs a window function in SQL. A GROUP by clause (explained here) is fantastic for a quick summary of your information. Totals, averages, and so on. Window functions, on the other hand, will give you all […] …read more

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Posted on 08/25/2014

Learning basic SQL isn’t terribly difficult. Select fields from tables where my condition is met, and display them in this order. Awesome. 30 seconds and I’m done. Maybe I need a join, or I need to summarize with a group by clause. You start to get a little tricky with “having” vs. “where,” but it’s […] …read more

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Posted on 08/04/2014

Citizens of all nations are united in knowing that people from everywhere else are doing it wrong. Whatever “it” happens to be at the time doesn’t really matter. Today, I’m going to address two of the big ones in reporting. Whether you’re calling that dumpling a potsticker, gyoza, samosa, or empanada, you’re gonna have to […] …read more

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Posted on 05/21/2014

80% of the Internet is cat pictures. That may be a made-up statistic, and you probably don’t want cat pictures in your reports, but it demonstrates what everyone already knows: people love visuals. Think about how much work has gone into your company logo. And think about how much work your clients have put into […] …read more

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