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Nathan is a Development Intern at Windward. He spends most of his time working in C#, Java, and lately Javascript. He studies computer science but continues his work at Windward while in school. He plans to continue working on Windward, and aims to be the chief Robot Engineer, when the company follows the inevitable path from reporting software to robots, unless he breaks his hands (like he’s done with both feet this summer), and then he won’t be able to code.

Posted on 09/10/2014

Which JSON serializer should you use in your .NET application? If you do a little research, you will quickly find a lot of recommendations for NewtonSoft’s Json.NET. And for good reason: NewtonSoft’s Json.NET is easy to use and is supposedly the fastest. The Developer’s Tests Here’s what the developer touts (click on the image to […] …read more

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Posted on 08/20/2014

Want to speed up your code or you’re struggling with stack overflows? Often, refactoring a recursive loop into an iterative one is impossible. In these cases, you may find tail-end recursion to be useful. If implemented properly (and of course, provided your programming language supports it), your code will be optimized to be approximately as […] …read more

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Posted on 07/18/2014

Interested in using the new ECMAScript 5 feature allowing assignment of new prototypes to instantiated objects? Read on to see how it performs! ECMAScript 5  has many new, exciting features, no doubt, but when using them, always make sure to consider potential compatibility issues and be wary of potential shortcuts. In one project we are currently working on, […] …read more

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