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Ryan, Windward's Sales Engineer, has been with Windward since 2006 in many roles as a sales engineer, IT specialist and account executive. Ryan's background fuels his desire to guide Windward's product development. He now works on the future vision of Windward offerings through creating the product roadmap, responding to customer requests, and communicating what Windward is doing and where it’s headed.

Posted on 10/16/2014

Here at Windward, I meet customers all the time who are at different points in what I think of as their “data storage evolution.” Some are just starting out with a simple spreadsheet, some are using a full-fledged database, and others are somewhere in between. From these conversations, I’ve discovered some simple facts about data […] …read more

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Posted on 09/10/2014

Here at Windward Studios, we’ve seen numerous examples of how structuring customer data first leads to huge time savings in report design later. Along the way, we’ve also seen quite a few common errors. We’re here to help you avoid these mistakes. We’ve put together a white paper that features eleven useful tips to help […] …read more

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Posted on 08/06/2014

Do you use multiple data sources in your templates? Do you need to correlate data among these data sources? Do you know Windward can now make this happen? Problem Data is oftentimes a large uncontrollable beast. There, I said it. A single storage medium may not meet all your data storage and usage needs. This […] …read more

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Posted on 07/30/2014

Do you integrate documents from clients or other departments that contain different styles? Are you looking to maintain a consistent style in your master output document? Do you find yourself wasting time trying to achieve that consistent style? Windward can make your life easier. Problem Clients and departments build documents with non-standard styles and send […] …read more

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Posted on 07/23/2014

Do you have a business need for PivotTable reports? Are you a Microsoft® Excel® power user who constantly analyzes data for trends? Do you need to drill down into the details of data in your final output? Then I have some good news for you. The Problem You are a typical Excel power user who […] …read more

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