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2014 Survey: What Our Customers Tell Us (Part 1)

Posted on 12/04/2014

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Every year, we reach out to our customers to get the pulse of what they’re doing and how they’re using our software.  We asked quite a few questions this year (19), more than we can cover in a single post, so let’s focus on the application first.  Do you recognize your use?

What does your company’s Windward application do?

Why do the seemingly simplest questions lead to complex answers? For the very first question, you can easily predict the most common usage:

  • Business reports
  • Client reports
  • Sales quotes
  • Document generation
  • Project management
  • Financial reports
  • Fact sheets
  • Invoices

But because Windward is a very “horizontal” tool, we see applications in nearly every industry, including for:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Truck fleet management
  • Pension administration
  • Test/requirements management
  • Human Capital Management (Human Resources and Payroll)
  • Farm management and GIS data management
  • Psychological behavioral profile assessment

It’s All about the Templates

We know that Word is a popular template designer, but we were surprised at the level of use for Excel and for PowerPoint, which will be receiving an upgrade in version 14.


You also told us that 2/3 of you update your template design in less than an hour. For those of you who take longer than an hour, don’t forget that we have many excellent online support tools, including live and recorded monthly AutoTag training.


And it should be no surprise that DOCX and PDF formats are very popular. We’re glad to hear this, as we are planning big improvements in our PDF output for Version 14.


But What about the Programming Side?

With our introduction of Version 13 last summer, we added several new data connections, including Salesforce, JSON, OData and several Big Data sources. Most of those haven’t come into popular use yet, but if you’re thinking of adding them, let us know!


We asked a very basic question about programming languages, and the result was fairly even.  The question was too basic, as many respondents completed the Other field, explaining that they used other options, including VBA, XML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Ajax and more.


We were also curious as to how many of our customers currently or plan to deploy in the cloud. Turns out only about a third of respondents said yes, although based on our ongoing conversations, we think the number might be higher.  If you’re considering this move, contact us about our flexible licensing alternatives for SaaS and OEM / ISV partners.


Your Advice Comes Next (Part 2)

That’s a quick overview of the usage questions. We also asked about how we can improve our software and services, and I’ll cover those in the next blog post.

If you didn’t have time to respond this year and would still like to assist us, we’ve made a copy of the online survey that you can see and complete yourself. We’re glad to add the data to what we’ve already gathered.

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Author: Larry Goldman

A B2B marketing leader with more than 18 years of professional experience in technology, SaaS and services, Larry drives market awareness and qualified sales leads through a rare combination of technical savvy, customer focus and persuasive communication.

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