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Code Wars 2016: The First 6 Schools Have Signed Up!

Posted on 10/01/2015

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Well that was fast! We just announced last week that registration for the 2016 Code Wars hackathon was open, and already 6 schools have signed up. Some of the firsts include:


A big welcome to Hartnell College, the first school to register for Code Wars 2016!

The first school to register: a Code Wars rookie! Hartnell College of Salinas, Calif., has registered its first team. San Jose State University was right on their heels, registering  just after. Each school has announced 1 team of 3 students so far. Welcome to you all!

The first returning school to register: University of Central Florida. They may face some tough competition against another returning school, University of Maryland, which fielded the bronze medal team in 2014.

The first Canadian school: University of Toronto St. George Campus. They’re joined by their compatriots to the west at the University of Victoria.

Do you know any students (graduate or undergraduate) pursuing Computer Science?   If so,  let them know that if they’re interested in participating in Code Wars 2016, they can head here to sign up now!

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Author: Beth Billington

Beth enjoys using her writing and graphic design background for writing easy-to-follow help content. She loves learning – whether at work or at home – and spends her free time hiking, doing landscape photography, playing music, baking and pursuing all kinds of hand crafts.

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