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Company Bridge Building — Literally!

Posted on 07/30/2015

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AH, who doesn’t like the smell of wood, glue and beer in the afternoon? The feeling of stuck-together fingers and a layer of superglue on your hands?

WindwardBuildsBridgesAt Windward, we take our team bonding time seriously and get really creative about activities that bring all of us together. This spring, our company went to a local pub and tasted some good beer (brought to us all the way from Vienna by our CEO, who went there for the 2015 Eurovision song contest) and built bridges using special bridge-building sets.

(By the way, our bonding activity had a suspiciously close relation to this year’s Eurovision slogan, “Building Bridges.” Dave, our CEO, denied any connection. Nice try Dave.)

Looking at all of the “Engineering Marvels of our Time,” aka bridges we built, it is good that our company is creating software and not bridges for a living. Well, I am exaggerating of course; some of the concepts we created were pretty good.

The fun didn’t stop there. The next Monday we had a competition in our office where all of our bridges fought for first prize and had to either perish under the weight or prove that their design was worthy.

Most perished. Spectacularly. We filmed the contest and made this short video for you to watch:

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Author: Roman Matskiv

Roman Matskiv is a marketing enthusiast currently working on getting Windward into the Fortune 500 list. Originally from Ukraine, he came to United States in 2007 to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. In his free time, Roman can be found running through canyons in the Utah desert, trying to catch the biggest fish in Colorado, or casually hammering on his keyboard and mouse trying to beat his opponents online.

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