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Customers: Make Windward Better and Have Fun at the Same Time!

Posted on 10/06/2015

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Want to improve your experience with Windward — and have fun in the process?

Then check out our new customer rewards program, Windward Wizards. It features a number of initiatives focused on improving your experiences though feedback, formal training and just some regular old-fashioned fun.

Here’s a rundown of three top initiatives now taking place.

training challengeInitiative #1: Get Live AutoTag Training

What’s the point of having a powerful tool if you don’t know how to use it? When you sign up for one of our monthly trainings, you get your questions answered and beef up your report-generation skills. Plus, you can submit feedback that will help improve future training sessions.

Register for a training now and get customer reward points in the process!

Initiative #2: Participate in Improving the Windward User Experience

This is a big one! Windward Studios has hired a User Experience (UX) firm to assist in the redesign and improvement of our software. During this process we are soliciting our customers to provide us with feedback, during both the design and testing phases, on what we can do to improve AutoTag.  Not only can you influence the design of our software, you will be rewarded within the Windward Wizards program with points.

Code Wars challengeInitiative #3: Nominate your alma mater to participate in Windward’s Code Wars: One of the top student hackathons in the world.

This February Windward will again host Code Wars! This 8-hour competition pits student teams from top universities around the globe against one another as they analyze a programming problem and create a solution. The students who enter these competitions demonstrate the initiative and drive to be leaders and will influence the direction of our economies in years to come.

Do you have a faculty member that influenced your academic experience and might be interested in becoming a faculty advisor for your University team? Nominate them in the Windward Wizards hub.

Sign up for Windward Wizards

If you are an existing Windward Studios customer and you’re interested in joining the Windward Wizards Customer Rewards program, email me at and I will get you set up with an account.

And if you would like to learn more about the reward program, check out the blog post that introduces the Windward Wizards program and explains how it works!

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Author: Stephanie Ramsey

Stephanie currently works remotely for Windward's Marketing Department from Boise, Idaho and along with managing Windward's customer rewards program she is the administrator for all Marketo operations. On the weekends she enjoys hiking mountains, camping, and spending time with her fiancé and their dog, Daisy.

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