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Game On! Announcing the 2016 Code Wars Hackathon

Posted on 09/23/2015

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Registration for the most thrilling, competitive, and prestigious student coding competition is now open! That’s right, the 2016 Code Wars — one of the top student hackathon competitions in the world — is open for business.  Come February 6, 2016, the best and brightest computer science college students from around the world will be competing for the title of Code Wars Champion.

Do you know any students (graduate or undergraduate) pursuing Computer Science?  If so, they will want to know about Windward’s Code Wars.  Or you might make sure your alma mater knows so that they can be represented at this amazing event. It’s free for students and their schools, and they compete for really awesome prizes like free laptops and software from leading developers.

Why Should I Tell Anyone About Code Wars?

Here’s what students get out of Code Wars:

  • Socialization, teamwork and networking. You get all this and more in the day-long competition. These are skills every job seeker needs and they can set you apart for getting that first great job!
  • A team-programming environment. That’s how it works in Code Wars, and that’s how often it works in real life.
  • Code Wars can be listed on your resume. It’s an extracurricular activity, a competition, an award and simply coding experience all rolled into one package.
  • It’s fun! And because there’s no way to prepare in advance, there’s less impact on your schoolwork and busy schedule.

Just check out how much fun these students are having:

What Does My School Get Out of This?

Windward’s Code Wars are also good for your university. How?

  • More successfully hired students can mean more attention to your computer science department.
  • More attention and success for your department can mean more funding to your department.
  • More local and national attention can mean more funding for your institution.

…and it was all because you signed up your school for Code Wars.

OK, maybe not, but every little bit helps!

Sign Up Now

You have until February to register,  but the earlier you register, the more momentum we have. And that means we can get more awesome sponsors for food and prizes!

Plus, we’ve recently turned inward to focus our energies on building up to the next level. We’ve moved into a larger space (tripled in size) and we’ve hired even more stellar programmers and staff — we’re on the war-path again! (All puns intended!)

If you’re interested in participating, head here to sign up now!

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Author: Beth Billington

Beth enjoys using her writing and graphic design background for writing easy-to-follow help content. She loves learning – whether at work or at home – and spends her free time hiking, doing landscape photography, playing music, baking and pursuing all kinds of hand crafts.

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