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Get On-Demand Training with the Revamped Windward Tutor

Posted on 01/23/2014

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Looking for help getting started with Windward? You’ll find the assistance you need via the newly redesigned Windward Tutor, a one-stop shop for short walkthroughs of common AutoTag functions.


Dozens of How-Tos on Tags, Wizards, Connections and More

Here are just a few of the things you can master with Tutor’s help:

    • Inserting a tag. AutoTag uses “tags” as placeholders for data, calculations or the output of dynamic operations. These tutorials cover the basics of using each tag.
    • Connecting to data sources. Windward lets you connect to data using an easy and reliable datasource connector. Each training snippet covers a different data type, so choose one to fit your needs!


  • Creating tables. Want to display or format each row of data the same way as the last? The ForEach tag tutorial will guide you through the process.
  • Setting variables in reports. Set a date range, select a name, or simply type a title. You’ll pick up the basics you need to know to create and use variables.
  • Using wizards to select data. The data wizards provide a neat, clean and easy-to-use interface when you use “advanced” features such as filtering data or joining tables. Learn how to use the SQL Wizard, XML Wizard, or OData Wizard.
  • Accessing sample templates. Tutor introduces you to AutoTag’s sample templates, which may be the easiest way to get started creating customized reports and documents.

 Check out the new tutorials!

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Author: Heidi V. Anderson

Heidi has been writing professionally about computers, technology and the Internet for more than 20 years. She lives in Vermont where she taps her maple trees for syrup and most of the year wishes it was just a little bit warmer out.

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