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Getting Your Images “Out” There

Posted on 05/21/2014

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Just how many cats are there on the Internet?!80% of the Internet is cat pictures. That may be a made-up statistic, and you probably don’t want cat pictures in your reports, but it demonstrates what everyone already knows: people love visuals.

Think about how much work has gone into your company logo. And think about how much work your clients have put into theirs.

Now think about how awesome it would be to put your client’s logo into every report they’re generating.

So what’s stopping you? Haven’t done it yet because you think it would be too much work? Then let me show you how to look like the Fonzie of reports in three quick steps:

  1. Put your client logo in your database.
  2. Create an OUT tag.
  3. Point it at your image and flip the type to BITMAP.

You’re all set.

“But Logan,” I can hear you say. “I don’t need custom logos – I just need my logo, but my reports need images!”

Well then pop that OUT tag into a FOREACH loop and you can display every image you need. Not a BMP? No worries – it’ll work with most standard image types. Need ‘em to fit right? Set the absolute size. Or just set a height and have the aspect ratio fill the width. Set a width to get the reverse. Fill a cell.

Check out the video – you’ll have dynamic images in less time than it took you to read this:

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Author: Logan Miles

Having learned computers from “Hackers” and sales from “Thank You For Smoking,” Logan bridges the gap between the technical and non-technical. As a sales engineer, he enjoys not only solving problems but relating them in some way to the (mostly awful) movies he watches while recovering from skiing or hiking trips, depending on the season.

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