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What It’s Like to Work at Windward

Posted on 07/21/2014

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I’ve been working at Windward for just under five years as a software programmer. As I am on the edge of leaving to start my own company, I’d like to share my experience working here.


Every company has a certain personality and atmosphere, and one of the biggest requirements here is flexibility. I learned a lot of things outside of my original job title!


Heading home after a busy day at work.

I was initially hired as a programmer, but that rapidly led to my making changes to the build process and the software installer. Then it was on to design and direct customer contact. Even eventually to participating in marketing projects and helping with sales material!

The constant learning keeps things interesting and mentally stimulating. I think it prepared me well for working at nearly any start-up or small company.

On the other hand, the constant learning is a lot of work. You won’t get far if you aren’t willing to improve.

Freedom and Responsibility

I am assigned tasks and expected to figure out the best way to accomplish them. How I do it is up to me — as long as I provide the results. There isn’t someone babysitting me and making my decisions. While I can ask for advice, I’m expected to make the final decisions.

On a related note, I own certain projects and am expected to produce results, good or bad. This can be stressful, but it’s also very satisfying to have such a large impact on company affairs.


This isn’t just constrained to new projects and marketing. The same applies to any tasks you currently have. When I have an idea for a new way to do something better, I have the freedom to try it and see.

photo 3

One of the perks of work: hiking with colleagues.

Being experimental is actively encouraged. In fact, I often hear our CTO, David Thielen, say that “if you aren’t making any mistakes, you aren’t trying hard enough!”


And like any good company, it’s important to have fun! This means common things like free drinks/snacks in the kitchen as well as short Fridays when we hit sales quota. On the far end, we have events like the Annual Windward Scavenger Hunt and running the intercollegiate Code Wars.

Being here has been a great experience. If you’re reading this because you’re considering working here, I hope you have as great a time as I have!

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Author: En-jay Hsu

En-jay is a software developer from Boulder, Colorado.

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