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New White Paper: The Windward Bootstrapped Story

Posted on 11/05/2015

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How a Successful Software Company Blossomed Without a Penny of Venture Capital Money

Bootstrapped Cover Sheet 200x250It can be tough to create a start-up, whether or not you have an influx of venture capital investment. But there’s no denying that VC money has its benefits. The security of money in the bank can help increase customer confidence, draw in much-needed partnerships, and make you more attractive to desirable new hires — as well as keep you afloat through the inevitable ups and downs.

So what happens when a company decides to go it alone?

Here’s one example of how a reporting software company went from innovative start-up to stable growth-stage business without relying on a drop of outside funding. Download your free copy today.

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Author: Heidi V. Anderson

Heidi has been writing professionally about computers, technology and the Internet for more than 20 years. She lives in Vermont where she taps her maple trees for syrup and most of the year wishes it was just a little bit warmer out.

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