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Pivot Like a Pro with PivotTable Reports

Posted on 07/23/2014

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Do you have a business need for PivotTable reports?
Are you a Microsoft® Excel® power user who constantly analyzes data for trends?
Do you need to drill down into the details of data in your final output?

Then I have some good news for you.

The Problem

You are a typical Excel power user who lives and breathes spreadsheets. Excel is your world, and your career lives and dies by the results you can deliver from it. You have mountains of data from several sources that need to be combined and related to produce trends for your analysis.


But your colleagues don’t want to look at spreadsheets with rows of data for pages on end.

Excel can do many powerful things, and enabling you to analyze data trends by presenting them in a clear and interactive document is one of its most powerful features.

You need a way to harness the power of its features in your templates to create a smart report.

The Solution

Version 13 now lets you work with Excel native PivotTables. You can create interactive and intuitive Excel PivotTable reports with static data or with data generated dynamically from Windward tags.

I am thrilled when I get to introduce a feature that the Windward client base has heavily requested, and such is the case with PivotTables. Bringing to market a feature that is both needed and immensely powerful makes the entire team at Windward very proud.

PivotTable_Blog_Image2You now have the ability to work with PivotTables natively in Microsoft Excel.

This means that if you already were using PivotTables in your Excel reports, your world just got a lot better.

It is better not only because you can use your existing work but also because we have made the feature more useful. You can work with Windward tags to create PivotTables that use dynamic data in your output, and they are a great tool for analyzing data sets in order to show trends and other patterns critical to your operations.

No more copying and pasting different data sets. Let Windward retrieve the data and simply run your report on demand to create an interactive table at a moment’s notice.

Learn More

Windward ships a PivotTable report sample with AutoTag, aptly called PivotTable – Template.

Learn how to use PivotTables via the example and a step-by-step tutorial in Windward in our documentation wiki.

Don’t have version 13 yet? Download it today to start Pivoting your data like a pro!

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Author: Ryan Fligg

Ryan, Windward's Sales Engineer, has been with Windward since 2006 in many roles as a sales engineer, IT specialist and account executive. Ryan's background fuels his desire to guide Windward's product development. He now works on the future vision of Windward offerings through creating the product roadmap, responding to customer requests, and communicating what Windward is doing and where it’s headed.

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