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Quiz Yourself: Are You Creating Beautiful Reports?

Posted on 05/12/2015

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Origami_Crane300x300You’ve gotten the data you need and placed it into a well-organized report. But your job is not quite done.

As any chef will tell you, it’s all about presentation. Your composition, whether it’s a gourmet meal or a business document, must look as appetizing it is informative.

This means you must know, among other things:

  • when to use a table vs. a chart
  • how large margins should be
  • what fonts to use
  • how colors affect a report’s impact

So, ask yourself: Are you designing reports that are useful AND beautiful?

Test your report design acumen with this 10-question quiz.

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Author: Heidi V. Anderson

Heidi has been writing professionally about computers, technology and the Internet for more than 20 years. She lives in Vermont where she taps her maple trees for syrup and most of the year wishes it was just a little bit warmer out.

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