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Heidi the Telecommuting Hero (Or, “How Telecommuting Saves Lives”)

Posted on 04/10/2015

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Telecommuting has many positives in our new digital age, like using less gas, no time spent traveling to work, minimal work wardrobe needed, but did you know telecommuting also saves lives?

Not just human lives either but those of our four-legged friends as well. Here are just a couple examples of the greater good telecommuting does for the world.

Part 1: Saving the Elderly from New England’s Icy Grasp!

The office of our telecommuting heroine.

The office of our telecommuting heroine. (Photo taken before this year’s $#&$& winter weather.)

It was a cold and dismal New England winter, and this day was no better. Heidi, Windward’s own Telecommuting Heroine, was at home working diligently as always. When her elderly neighbor decided it was time to check the mail for the day, she bundled herself up and made the intrepid trek outside into the bitter elements.

Little did she know, Old Man Winter had a few tricks up his sleeve that day!

While reaching down to retrieve a package from her stoop, Heidi’s neighbor slipped and became stuck in the mounting New England snow.  Luckily for her, though, she knew she lived next to a telecommuting super hero.

She was still able to see Heidi working away through a window next door, and when she yelled for her help, Heidi raced into action. Heidi saved an icy mishap from becoming a full-blown disaster!

2014 Windward Scavenger Hunt McVicarson team

Heidi’s 2014 Windward Scavenger Hunt teammates posing in front of what — little did they know at the time — would become the safe haven for a lost puppy dog.

Telecommuting to the rescue!

Part 2: Man’s Best Friend Needs a Hand!

In our second installment of the tales of telecommuting, Windward’s own working-from-home heroine saves a furry companion lost on an adventure!

Heidi, working away like always, noticed a stray dog wandering around her neighborhood one morning, look lost and forlorn. Being the good Samaritan that she is, she helped the dog to her own (fenced-in!) backyard to make sure it did not get any more lost than it already was.

Viewing the dog’s tags, she was able to do some detective work and find that the dog belonged to a construction company family from out of town working on a house down the street.

Sherlock Holmes would have been proud!

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Author: Patrick Bates

A marketing and analysis leader with years of professional experience in the software and technology industry, Patrick has a natural ability for updating and improving processes ranging from small email campaigns to transcontinental advertising projects. When not at the office, Patrick can be found hiking and enjoying the beautiful mountain ranges of Colorado.

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