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The 10 Most Important Computer Documents You’ve Never Seen

Posted on 03/04/2015

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As a document generation software company, we’ve seen a lot of great documents from our customers. That got us thinking — what captivating and important computer documents hadn’t we seen?

So we did a little research, and we think you’re going to enjoy what we discovered. “The 10 Most Important Computer Documents You’ve Never Seen” gathers interesting documents from a variety of computer fields, from artificial intelligence to computer games to data privacy.

Here’s a sneak preview.

Document #1: 1945, John von Neumann, “First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC”

The first published description of the logical design of a computer using the stored-program concept. important computer documents, the EDVAC

 Document #2: 1947, Grace Hopper, Harvard Mark II Log Book Entry

important computer documents, bugs While Hopper did not actually find the first known computer bug–machine operators removed the moth and attached it to the log–she was the first to document its discovery.

See All 10 of the Most Important Computer Documents

To see the full slideshow, head to the Windward slideshow webpage.

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Author: Heidi V. Anderson

Heidi has been writing professionally about computers, technology and the Internet for more than 20 years. She lives in Vermont where she taps her maple trees for syrup and most of the year wishes it was just a little bit warmer out.

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