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The One-Minute GlobalMeet Review

Posted on 08/06/2015

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GlobalMeet review logoOur company is in the midst of evaluating a replacement program for our third-party Web conferencing software. My assignment was to check out and write up a GlobalMeet review.

My conclusion? GlobalMeet overall is a decent program with a few issues that need to be worked out.

The Good

GlobalMeet’s most appealing feature is that it does not require a download on the guest’s end and thus allows for a meeting with someone without having the inconvenience of installing a program. This is a huge plus.

Other useful features:

  • No microphone requirement. Users who don’t have a microphone can still use audio chat by calling their phone and connecting it with the chat room.
  • Text-based chat. (Unfortunately it does not support full Unicode.)
  • Whiteboard. GlobalMeet includes a whiteboard that can be drawn and typed on.

The Not-So-Good

A major con is the fact that conference participants are using a web browser, which opens up the possibility for issues of compatibility with both browsers and user settings.

Also, while GlobalMeet does allow for screen sharing, the quality was a little lacking. And I couldn’t determine whether it allows remote users to control the shared desktop.

Will We Switch?

Overall GlobalMeet has some very enticing features, but the issues with browser incompatibility may cause problems. I think that it could be an option for us, but we’ll still be looking around.

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Author: Aaron Brooks

Aaron is an intern at Windward and a rising junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a passionate skier, biker, hiker and video gamer. When not busy with that repertoire of hobbies, he enjoys participating in the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society. Aaron is passionate about programming and hopes to change the world.

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