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The One-Minute Skype for Business Review

Posted on 09/29/2015

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Editor’s note: Windward is in the midst of evaluating a replacement program for our third-party Web conferencing software. This is the fourth post in the series. 

My assignment was to check out and write up a Skype for Business review. My conclusion is that it’s a decent program but it can be a little buggy.

SkypeforBiz screenshot

The Good

Skype for Business has some useful features and aspects, including:

  • Great sound and video quality. I could hear and see (when the video option was chosen) the other participants really well.
  • Polling feature. You can create a poll on the fly and have the option to close the poll, change who can see the results, and edit the question.
  • A whiteboard.  You can draw on a blank screen and even annotate PowerPoint presentations when you present them through Skype  for Business.
  • Collaboration. Not only can various participants share screens, you can give control of your screen to another participant, which is cool if you want to do live interactions with clients.

The Not-So-Good

Skype for Business has a couple of minor drawbacks:

  • The Web app installation was buggy. It was an easy install, but it just didn’t work the first time, and it didn’t display the presenter’s screen very well.
  • Phone call integration. I couldn’t get the program to call my phone number and it wasn’t immediately obvious to me how to do or troubleshoot this.

Will We Switch?

Windward will be embracing Skype for Business as our main form of office communication. We have a number of remote employees who already use Skype for Business to hold meetings within multiple departments. We didn’t have the scale during our review to test large, external webinars, but I didn’t see any reason why large webinars wouldn’t work for communications outside the office.

Interested in our other reviews? Head here for the first in this series, the One-Minute GlobalMeet Review.

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Author: Joey Marylander

Hi! My name is Joey Marylander and I am a Computer Science student at the University of Colorado @ Boulder! I hope to work with artificial intelligence when I graduate. I am an associate software developer at Windward Studios. Some of my favorite activities include playing with my dog and camping!

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