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Welcome to Colorful AutoTag

Posted on 08/13/2015

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welcome-to-colorful-autotag v2-01We have made many changes to the way Windward tags work within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint over the years.  Our tags started from the humble beginnings of plain text encoding (<wr:out select=”” />) and then field codes (allowing you to rename tags) and finally content controls (allowing the display of charts and images as their actual object).

But through these changes, one thing had always remained the same: By default, our tags displayed in a black font color.

This has changed. We are now providing, by default, color schemes to visually differentiate between tag types. Multi-part tags that have a beginning and an ending, such as the forEach, If, Switch and Link tags, will have the same color for both tags.

In the image below you can see the color assignments for each tag:

Color Coded Tags Screenshot

If colors aren’t your thing, don’t worry. You can still manually assign a font color to a tag after it has been created in the document.

When the document is output, the content of the tags will not retain the tag color but rather the style of the surrounding text. Also, for your existing templates, when you open a tag and then save it, that tag color will be applied.

Color-Coded Tags Template Example

Below is an example of an existing template. The template has been updated to the new tag color scheme, and the resulting output shows how tags’ colors are not applied to output text.


Color Coded Template



Try It Yourself

You can check this out for yourself when you upgrade to version 14.

Is your maintenance contract current? If your maintenance contract is current, you are already eligible to use version 14 with these easy steps.

Has your maintenance contract lapsed?   No problem!  Contact your Windward account representative directly or our sales staff by emailing or calling (303) 499-2544.   Our staff will assist you with reinstating your maintenance and upgrading your license keys.

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Author: Ryan Fligg

Ryan, Windward's Sales Engineer, has been with Windward since 2006 in many roles as a sales engineer, IT specialist and account executive. Ryan's background fuels his desire to guide Windward's product development. He now works on the future vision of Windward offerings through creating the product roadmap, responding to customer requests, and communicating what Windward is doing and where it’s headed.

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