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Announcing Windward’s New Referral Program

Posted on 12/17/2015

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referafriendAt Windward Studios, we believe a referral is the best compliment there is. That’s why, after receiving multiple referrals, we knew we had to find a way to thank our customers for  continued confidence in Windward’s products.

So starting this month, Windward is implementing a formal rewards program to thank you, the customer, for continuing to recommend us to your colleagues.

What the Program Means for You

You already know the benefits of Windward. Your report generation process has been streamlined and you are now able to create your reports in a fraction of the time. You understand there is no need for your colleagues to struggle with simple editing tasks or waste tons of time copying and pasting.

So when you recognize a friend in need and put them in touch with us, we will automatically jumpstart your point collection in Windward’s rewards program, Windward Wizards. You can use these points to redeem rewards such as Delta Airlines gift cards, Adobe Creative Cloud classes and GoPro cameras.

Making Your First Referral

So what’s the best way to get started?

You can easily send us contact information of someone in your network through our website or within the Windward Wizards program itself.

  • To put us in contact with someone through the Windward website, simply select “Referrals” under “Customers” on the homepage navigation bar. Here you will submit your own information as well as the person you are referring. Once you hit submit, you will automatically be enrolled in the rewards program, where you can also explore other ways to support Windward in our mission of making people happier – yes happier.
  • If you are already a member of the Windward Wizards rewards program, go ahead and log into your account and select the “Referrals” tab to recommend someone for us to get in touch with. We will keep you updated via the rewards program on the status of all your referred colleagues.

So what do you think? We hope you are as excited as we are about this new program. Feel free to send in any questions to and don’t forget check it out for yourself!

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Author: Stephanie Ramsey

Stephanie currently works remotely for Windward's Marketing Department from Boise, Idaho and along with managing Windward's customer rewards program she is the administrator for all Marketo operations. On the weekends she enjoys hiking mountains, camping, and spending time with her fiancé and their dog, Daisy.

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