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Posted on 03/24/2014

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“You must learn the ways of the wiki, if you’re to come with me to docgen.” – Obi Wan KeLogan

In the beginning, a wiki is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing thing. It’s the ideal collaboration: all participants coming together to form a comprehensive and valuable base of community knowledge. A good wiki can unite a userbase in a glorious celebration of learning and bring balance to The Force.


The new Windward documentation wiki.

But time passes. The product changes. You put up new pages, but you still need the legacy docs. With each new feature, your wiki has more and more information, but it also becomes just a little harder to find what you want.

Step by step, your wiki starts to spiral out of control, even while trying to do what’s right. Before you know it, you’re three product releases in from where the wiki started, and the young wiki you saw explaining ForEach Tags and winning pod races is now going on about the Check.For.Ole.Images property setting and (metaphorically) chopping his son’s hand off in the bowels of Cloud City.

It’s not too late, though! Vader can be saved! It takes time, and it takes effort, but you can bring the wiki back from the Dark Side. Deep-six the useless information. Consolidate pages. Update your structure and your searching. Tag your articles better and confirm that the info is still right.

Devote your effort to cleaning that wiki, and Anakin is back to save you, your support team, and, most importantly, your users from death by Force Lightning.

That’s what Windward did, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Check out our wonderful, beautiful, amazing new wiki and let us know what you think.

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Author: Logan Miles

Having learned computers from “Hackers” and sales from “Thank You For Smoking,” Logan bridges the gap between the technical and non-technical. As a sales engineer, he enjoys not only solving problems but relating them in some way to the (mostly awful) movies he watches while recovering from skiing or hiking trips, depending on the season.

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