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Posted on 02/10/2015

How does data organization  affect your company’s reporting system? How do you identify business needs during the reporting lifecycle? How can you assess the ease and speed of template design? Learn the answers to these questions and more when you join us on Tuesday, February 24 at 9:05 AM (Mountain) for a revealing 30-minute webinar, […] …read more

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Posted on 02/03/2015

Do You Want to Work at a Startup? The first question you need to ask yourself is do you want to work at a startup. It tends to be quite different from a regular company and you need to think about if you will like it. So let’s talk about what’s different. You will fail. […] …read more

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Posted on 01/15/2015

You’ve discovered a new software application that will improve your business processes,  save your company money and make you and the rest of IT look like a hero. But someone else has to approve the purchase—and persuading stakeholders that the investment is in everyone’s best interests can be a tough sell. We’re here to help. […] …read more

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Posted on 01/02/2015

Thank you all for your generous support in helping Windward achieve official Microsoft Gold Application Developer status! Gold is the highest competency level that Microsoft offers, and renewing this status offers great benefits not only to Windward as a company but to you as valued Windward customers. Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Survey Results One of the requirements […] …read more

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Posted on 12/17/2014

I want to share a quick announcement that we’ve joined the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries. What this means for our customers: We’ll be exchanging ideas with some of the top software companies in the country, and we will use that information to […] …read more

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