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Posted on 06/25/2014

NOTE: This is the fourth post in our Windward learning series on the introduction to digital data. Missed the beginning of the series? Read it here. The rise of the Internet for personal and business use has led to the development and adoption of new ways of sharing data. While this data may be accessed […] …read more

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Posted on 06/20/2014

NOTE: This is the fourth post in our Windward series on creating beautiful reports. Missed the beginning? Start here. The right report layout does more than make the output beautiful; it also makes the data and information contained within much easier to grasp. But for data reporting experts such as yourself, the thought of trying […] …read more

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Posted on 06/17/2014

With Version 13 released this week, it’s time for another roadmap post. This is what we have coming in the near future. Windward Version 13.1 First up will be 13.1, which should be at the release candidate stage by the end of this month. This adds a really nice feature to merging the data with […] …read more

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Posted on 06/16/2014

Last Friday started off like any other work day. But by the end of the afternoon, Windward employees were cavorting in fountains, modeling retro clothing and playing with finger puppets — and we have the photos to prove it. Yes, the 2014 Windward Scavenger Hunt gave employees numerous ways to humiliate themselves in public have fun […] …read more

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Posted on 06/11/2014

Do you use Shapes and SmartArt in Microsoft® Word? Do you need to communicate a complex idea simply, perhaps with a SmartArt graphic? Do you want more flexibility when creating brochures, presentations and other types of documents? Then I have some good news for you: Windward now supports the use of Microsoft Shapes and SmartArt. […] …read more

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