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Posted on 06/04/2014

NOTE: This is the second post in our Windward learning series on the introduction to digital data. Missed the first one? Read it here. SQL databases are the standard for persistent data storage. When someone is talking about databases, they are most likely talking about an SQL database. These databases are built on tried and […] …read more

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Posted on 06/03/2014

NOTE: This is the third post in our Windward series on creating beautiful reports. Missed the beginning? Start here. Charts can be some of the most beautiful elements of a report, especially when compared to plain black and white text or tables that are jam-packed with data. So why is that too often, charts are […] …read more

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Posted on 05/30/2014

“So…what’s up with the fish?” asked my boss, CEO Shirley Clawson. Great question. The now notorious trout had appeared prominently – and with a regrettable lack of context – below the header of May’s Windward Report newsletter. Shirley couldn’t help but notice. The simple explanation is that we’re a company headquartered in Boulder, CO, home to gorgeous mountains, […] …read more

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Posted on 05/28/2014

Linked Text Boxes Do you work with text boxes in Microsoft® Word? Do you take advantage of all the features they have to offer?   Did you know Windward tags and normal text now support linked text boxes? Problem I have much more text than space allowed in my text box. I have dynamic Windward tags […] …read more

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Posted on 05/21/2014

80% of the Internet is cat pictures. That may be a made-up statistic, and you probably don’t want cat pictures in your reports, but it demonstrates what everyone already knows: people love visuals. Think about how much work has gone into your company logo. And think about how much work your clients have put into […] …read more

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