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Posted on 04/16/2014

Congrats. You’ve gotten the data you need and placed it into a well-organized report. Your job is done, right? Not quite. As any chef will tell you, it’s all about presentation. It isn’t enough to provide the basics; the output must look appetizing, as well. This is the first in a series of blog posts […] …read more

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Posted on 04/13/2014

If you’re reading this, odds are good you’re a software developer or you work for a software development company. Odds are also good you don’t give a whit about marketing. But you should, because: Marketing is tough. “What a Hacker Learns After A Year In Marketing” is fascinating personal story that may change your mind […] …read more

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Posted on 04/02/2014

Updated on 7/30/2014 Many of us rely on superstition to keep a lucky streak alive or to maintain a tradition that has always yielded a successful path. Here at Windward we are bucking this trend and trading up for a method that we feel gives a more predictable outcome. Our philosophy: “It is better to […] …read more

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Posted on 03/26/2014

We used to use Object == Object in our Java Engine code. But recently one of our customers hit a problem, and finding the error was very difficult. We changed the Engine code so this won’t happen again. More importantly, knowing why it happened might save you boatloads of time in your own Java applications. […] …read more

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Posted on 03/24/2014

“You must learn the ways of the wiki, if you’re to come with me to docgen.” – Obi Wan KeLogan In the beginning, a wiki is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing thing. It’s the ideal collaboration: all participants coming together to form a comprehensive and valuable base of community knowledge. A good wiki can unite a […] …read more

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