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Posted on 07/13/2016

Editor’s note: We’re reviving a once-popular column on getting to know AutoTag better, where we introduce you to cool features you may have overlooked. Today kicks it off with a two parter on the Select Variable. Did you know you can use the Select Variable to tailor a report to show just the output you […] …read more

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Posted on 07/06/2016

We’re gearing up to release the beta version of Windward 15 next week! Here’s a quick look at some new features we’re testing: SVG/PDF vectored output. Charts, Shapes and SmartArt will be vector output in PDF (as PDF primitives) and HTML (as SVG). This both makes the files smaller and gives you infinite zoom with […] …read more

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Posted on 06/24/2016

One of AutoTag’s benefits is that you have multiple output options, but what works in one output may need to be tweaked in another. Today’s tech tip shows you how to adjust HTML output so that it appears in the desired number of pages. Problem:  A template generates HTML output in one really long page, […] …read more

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Posted on 06/15/2016

Ben Horowitz wrote an excellent blog post about being a wartime CEO. There are a few places I disagree with him (listed below). However, the reason I’m writing this is because his post is targeted at the CEO who needs to be a wartime CEO or their company will die. Damn good reason to be […] …read more

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Posted on 06/07/2016

Windward Studios is proud to announce the release of the new Javelin reporting portal. Javelin is an online, out-of-the-box platform for running, managing and scheduling reports. It provides the necessary infrastructure for easily setting up your reporting processes. How Javelin Works Windward’s report and scheduling server allows for access and control from any application, regardless […] …read more

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