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Code Wars 2016

What is it?

Windward’s Student Code Wars are unlike any other code war or hackathon – in this AI strategy game, you go head to head against the best students all over the world.  Teams from top universities have just 8 hours to analyze a problem, write the best AI using Python, Java, Microsoft C++, OR C#, create a solution, test it against the entries of the other programming experts, and earn the highest score to win amazing prizes. Strategy and skill are rewarded, but the winning code isn’t always the cleanest.  All’s fair in love and war.

For more information on what a Code War really is, click here.

For details and prep information on this year’s Code Wars, click here.

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How can I bring Code Wars to my school?

Code Wars 2016 Registration is now open!  Please sign up here!

Want to know what it’s like to participate in Code Wars? Read a first-hand account to find out just how exciting and challenging it can be!

Code Wars 2014 Results

Click here for the Code Wars finals scores and videos.

Code Wars 2014 Rules and Code

Click here for the full Code Wars rules and code.

The January 2012 Windward International Collegiate Championship at Harvey Mudd:

The January 2012 Windward International Collegiate Championship at Purdue:

The August 2011 Code War at the University of Colorado:





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