Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I use outside reference sources?

A: Yes. You can use anything you find on the net, in your textbooks, etc. However, you may NOT ask questions of anyone anywhere except from other students in the competition (including competing teams). So you can search and read on StackOverflow, but no posting questions there.

Q: My client A.I. cannot connect to the proctor’s game server.

A: Turn off the firewall on both systems.

Q: Do I need to run the server using Visual Studio?

A: No. You have that as an option if you want to see what the server is doing. But you can also run the server directly by executing the file windwardopolis.exe that is in the root of the server zip file.

Q: What information do we have available on the other players passed into the GameStatus method?

A: Everything except the tiles they are holding. Specifically you do know their cash on hand, stock they hold, and score. You also know if they are the first and/or second majority holder in a chain. Their list of times in the player object however is empty – you do not know their tiles.

Q: The $6,000.00 in the status window for me does not match my cash.

A: That is your score, not your cash on hand.

Q: What is the score showing?

A: Your cash on hand plus the value of all your stock and first & second majority holdings if the game ended now. This will drop if a chain is merged out of existence and you hang on to some of the stock, because at that point the stock has no value.

Key points

  • Turns are processed in order. Player A is called for their turn and that is fully processed, then player B is called.
  • You can play either one of the power-ups CARD.DRAW_5_TILES or CARD.PLACE_4_TILES in QuerySpecialPowerBeforeTurn() and play ony one of CARD.FREE_3_STOCK, CARD.BUY_5_STOCK, or CARD.TRADE_2_STOCK in QueryTileAndPurchase() in the same turn.
  • You cannot discard a tile. If a tile is permanently unplayable (would merge 2 safe chains), then it will be removed from your tiles by the game. But any other tiles you’re stuck with until you play them. And if all your tiles are unplayable because they would create a chain and there are no available chains, you’re unable to play tiles until a chain becomes available.
  • The game’s bank has unlimited funds so there is no issue with a total limit of money.
  • You cannot trade with other players.
  • If there are 2 single tiles placed diaganol to each other, then when you place a tile joining them and creating a hotel, that hotel starts with 3 tiles. It is possible for a chain to start with 5 tiles if there are tiles at the 4 sides of the tile you place.
  • The logs will be filled with messages for illegal moves by the dumb player AI. It randomly picks stocks to buy, including stocks of chains not on the board and stocks with no available shares.