Welcome to the booming city of Windwardopolis where you will be creating and buying stock in 7 hotel chains in the city. You are a hotel developer & investor making money from the development and growth of the hotel chains.

This is a turn based game where each turn you place a tile on the board to create or grow a hotel chain. You then purchase stock in any of the existing hotel chains, yours or others. And then when a hotel is merged out of business, or when the game ends, you gather your earnings, hopefully including a tidy profit, from the chain.


The Game

Technical Support

We have our entire support team working Saturday from 9:00am East Coast time to 7:00pm West Coast time. If you have questions, contact us.

  • The FAQ (check here first on questions).
  • Email us at (this is the only support during European hours)
  • Call us: 303-499-2544 x2 (9:00am East coast time – 7:00pm West coast time)

Writing Your A.I.

You have 8 hours from 10:00am – 6:00pm to write your program. At 6:00pm will be the final for your school. If you are one of the top 2 (or more) finalists you have until 7:00pm to email us your solution. (All times your local time.)

Proctors – Running the Server

We suggest doing test runs during the day as the teams’ desire. In our play testing we found 12:00 and 2:30 were good times. And then at 6:00 you run the finals. If you have more than 6 teams, have semi-finals first.