Windwardopolis Sever Instructions

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Running the Windwardopolis Server

You can run the server for the school practice runs and final on a laptop. If you can, connect it to a projector so everyone can see the game play out.

  1. The server program is a Windows program using .NET 3.5. Any system with Windows 7 or 8 should be fine. Download the server program and run windwardopolis.exe (video demonstration). (The download includes the files needed to run the program in Visual Studio. We recommend against this. Just run windwardopolis.exe in the root of the folder you unzipped to.)
  2. If there are any connection issues, turn off the firewall on your system.
  3. Make sure the files windwardopolis.exe.config and log4net.dll are in the same directory as the program.
  4. Make sure you are set to use all of the maps (maps setting in windwardopolis.exe.config).
  5. Run windwardopolis.exe
  6. Tell students to run their client on their computer, connecting to your system’s IP address.
    1. You can find your computer’s IP address by opening a DOS command box and typing (example screenshot) in “ipconfig /all” In the output look for the line:IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : is the IP address of your system.
    2. The clients as originally written will do this if the first parameter on the command line for them is the IP address. For example, they run “PlayerCSharpAI.exe” and their AI program will start and connect to the server on the system with an IP address of
  7. As AIs connect, they will show up in the player status window.
  8. Once all are connected, click the Lock button in the menu (this will happen automatically if 10 players connect).
  9. Click Play and the game is running.
  10. You can stop and then start another game with the connected players.
  11. To drop all existing players (and allow new ones in), click the Join button.