Windwardopolis Upload Instructions

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Uploading your A.I. to the Windward Server

If you are one of the finalists at your school, you will need to upload your code to Windward.

  • Teams qualified for the finals will be provided a username/password to the Code Wars submission site Note that this is different from the user name and password you used on the registration site.
  • The submission process will test your client to make sure that it is correctly set up to run on our servers.
  • There are five fields on the submission form.
    • The first two (username and password) will be provided by the proctor.
    • The third is your team name. This must match what you have in your client source code exactly.
    • The email address is used to send you an email confirming your submission. It will also include information on whether your client has able to successfully connect to a test server.
    • The last item is a ZIP file containing your client binary as well as your source code.
      • The root of the zip file must contain your compiled executable as well as required supporting files.
      • For the provided C# client: “PlayerCSharpAI.exe”, “log4net.dll”, “PlayerCSharpAI.exe.config”.
      • For the provided C++ client: “PlayerCPPAI.exe”, “log4net.dll”, “PlayerCPPAI.exe.config”
      • For the provided Java client: “PlayerJavaAI.jar”, “dom4j-1.6.1.jar”, “jaxen.jar”
      • For the provided Python client: “” and all the other PY files in the original directory structure.
      • Also, include the source code in the ZIP file in a separate subdirectory.
  • You can submit as many times as you want up to the deadline. You will have to wait for a previous version to finish testing to submit again. This should at most take 10 minutes.
  • Only the latest uploaded version is saved (and will be used in the finals).
  • SUPER IMPORTANT NOTES (Yes, really that important!)
    • Remember that there is a submission deadline.
    • Before submitting, be sure that the IP address in the “Framework” source file of your client is set to “”.
    • Once the teams qualify for the finals, I heavily recommend making a copy of your current client and submitting it for testing.
    • Once you have finalized the version of your client for the finals, submit it one last time through the site. Also send a copy to
    • Don’t drink so much coffee that you faint. I’ve been told this is generally good advice.