Windward Community & Outreach

Fostering Personal and Professional Growth in the Development Community


Since our founding in 2004, Windward has dedicated itself to supporting and interacting with the development community. From Code Wars to STEM, we pride ourselves in striving to improve the development world — not because of our bottom line, but because we believe there is so much untapped development potential. And we’d all be better off if it were tapped.


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Code Wars

Code Wars (also known as the Windward International Collegiate Championship) is part “Survivor” and part “The Amazing Race,” set in a fast-paced computer lab. The challenge is to troubleshoot bugs, not eat ’em. Teams of students from top international universities work together to analyze a problem, create a solution, and then pit their skills against other programming experts – all in a mere 8 hours.

No resource is more valuable than our students, and Windward believes in making an education in computer science as stimulating as it is enjoyable. Learn more about Code Wars.



We at Windward know there are many barriers that stifle individual innovation. We all believe, as individuals and as a company, that lack of access to the correct tools should not be one of them. We choose to be part of the technology world with the purpose of enriching the community with our voices and our software solutions.

Read more about how we support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).


Community Involvement

Windward Studios is an active member and sponsor in many local, national and international professional groups, including:

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