Windward Debuts Earth Day Report Templates


earthBoulder, CO – Windward, the expert in reporting and document generation software, has released three new resource-related sample templates in honor of Earth Day. The Smart Energy, Oil & Gas, and USDA Activity Report templates all enable users to easily query databases so they can analyze and act upon critical information.

“The first step in being good global citizens is to appreciate how we use our natural resources,” said Annette Grotz, marketing manager at Windward. “These templates are the foundation of reports that allow us to deepen that understanding.”

The samples serve multiple purposes. Windward customers can use the report templates as the basis for their own reports, adapting and modifying them to display company data. In addition, the templates serve as training tools that show new users how to insert data into final reports. Plus, any user can use the sample report templates to connect to open databases, including a wide range of publicly available natural resource data sources from the United States government.

The Smart Energy report template displays sample energy consumption data that shows trends such as daytime versus nighttime energy usage. The Oil & Gas report template presents actual well status, production and cumulative production data in South Florida. And the USDA Activity report shows graphs and charts as well as a list of major activity undertaken such as water and environmental loans and grants.

Using Windward, companies are able to take their data and insert it into templates designed in Microsoft Word and Excel. Reports and documents are generated in the Windward Engine, which is available for .NET or Java, or via the web-based Javelin server. The final product can be output in a wide range of formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PDF, HTML, direct to printer, RTF, XLS, WordML, TXT, and CSV.

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