Windward Releases “Idiot’s Guide to Entity Framework (by an Idiot)”


Boulder, CO – Entity Framework novices now have a new tool to help them understand how to use the object-relational mapper. The “Idiot’s Guide to Entity Framework (by an Idiot)”, written by Windward’s Matt Abboud, has been published online. The project is a primer on how .NET developers can get started using Entity Framework to work with relational data using domain-specific objects.

“My boss wanted to take a look at Entity Framework so I wrote up a 101 guide for him and then posted it,” Abboud said. “I’m a newbie at EF but I think it has a few helpful tips.”

Abboud’s guide covers the basics, such as the steps necessary for adding Entity Framework to a project and how to make database tables more efficient. Highlighted tips and tricks include:

  • Create your database first and then have Entity Framework generate your objects for you.
  • When creating your database, make sure to set up the FK/PK metadata relationships so Entity Framework can load it up.
  • Always include a PK for a table (which is generally a really good idea anyway).
  • Don’t fall into the trap of trying to move an object between contexts.
  • Extend your POCOs by creating a partial class in a new file.

Get more information or access the full guide online.

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