Windward Releases New Document Generation White Paper

Handbook is the Definitive Guide to Document Generation, Document Management, Document Automation and All Business Document Processes


Boulder, CO – Windward, the expert in document generation and enterprise reporting solutions, has just published a comprehensive guide to the world of document automation. “What’s Up, Doc” is a white paper that helps professionals quickly grasp the wide range of document processes, shows the sometimes complex interaction of these processes, and introduces a variety of key software programs and vendors.

Business professionals are faced with a confusing array of terms and offerings when investigating automated solutions for documents. Should they be looking for a document generation solution? Document creation software? A document management system? Document collaboration tools? This white paper answers these questions and more.

“The phrase ‘document automation’ encompasses so many different processes, many of which are each called multiple terms by various vendors, that it can be extremely confusing to the software buyer, ” said Annette Grotz, marketing manager at Windward. “Unfortunately there hasn’t been a definitive guide – until now.”

The white paper lays out key terms, including:

  • Document generation, an automated way of producing documents and reports and is extremely useful for businesses that create embedded software
  • Documentation generator, a programming tool that generates software documentation
  • Document management, a system for storing and organizing digital documents.
  • Document collaboration, software that allows more than one person to edit a particular document
  • Document converter, a program that automatically converts from one file format to another

The guide shows how all these pieces interact and why document generation is the most important component in the entire system. In addition, the white paper gives a snapshot of a dozen vendors worldwide and describes their expertise in each area.

Get more information or download a copy of the paper.

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Press Contact: Annette Grotz
Marketing Manager
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