Windward Studios Releases Version 13 Reporting and Document Generation Software

Boulder, CO
– Reporting and document generation leader Windward Studios today announced the Version 13 release of the software that provides a unique experience using Microsoft® Office programs to format and edit report templates. Windward Version 13 introduces new features and functionality that empower businesses in document intensive industries to create beautiful, professional reports.

“Version 13 continues to build upon the profound idea that generating reports and documents from your company data should be as simple as creating a Microsoft Word document or Excel® spreadsheet,” said David Thielen, Windward’s Founder and CTO. “It incorporates dozens of really smart upgrades to the process.”

Windward Version 13 adds the following notable features:

  • Document locking. Template creators can lock portions of the output, and document locking is extended to Windward objects and data placeholders, also known as tags.
  • New data sources. Windward now works with a slew of new data sources, including OData, JSON and®.
  • Shapes and SmartArt. The template design tool AutoTag natively brings across Shapes and SmartArt from templates to output.
  • Linked text boxes support. Content generated by Windward tags dynamically expands in multiple text boxes.
  • Footnotes support. Tags in the footer area can dynamically update text in the references.
  • Pivot table support in Excel. Pivot tables are brought across to final output.
  • Import tag with parent formatting. Imported sub-documents can bring in their own style and attributes.
  • Font substitution. Font substitution is extended to encompass special glyphs.
  • Improved HTML output. Windward has updated HTML output to reflect changing HTML standards.
  • Advanced image properties. Document outputs can include advanced Microsoft Word image properties such as shadows, borders, and styles.

“Many of us rely on superstition to keep a lucky streak alive, but we believe that hard work and persistence trump luck every time,” said Ryan Fligg, Windward Product Manager. “All our hard work benefits our customers and partners, and you’ll see it in Version 13 because it’s smart, not lucky.”

Visit the Windward website for more information on Windward Version 13.

About Windward

Windward delivers powerful reporting and document generation solutions to technology providers, OEMs and enterprises in the financial services, government, energy, insurance, health care and software industries. Windward enables businesses worldwide to create custom reports better and faster. Windward has been delighting customers – technical and non – since 2004.

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