Who Are We? Glad You Asked!

Meet a selection of the folks who make Windward what it is.


Dave Profile Pic

Dave Thielen, President and CEO

Dave’s philosophy on hiring in a nutshell: “Always hire people smarter than the ones we have as that’s the only way to raise the average.” Read more about Dave.


Tomas Ramirez, Lead Software Developer

Every novel is part autobiographical, and the same could be said about software. You’ll see a bit of Tomas in each program he has helped develop. Meet Tomas.



Valerie Schilling, Sales Engineer

Software demonstrator, tech knowledge font, internal IT support bulwark, new client welcome wagon — as one of our dedicated sales engineers, Valerie tackles a lot of roles at Windward! Get to know Val.

Ryan Profile Pic

Ryan Fligg, Product Manager

The next time you see one of your requests incorporated into the Windward Engine or find yourself using a new AutoTag feature that better helps your company meet its goals, Ryan Fligg, our primary product manager, is likely the person to thank. Learn more about Ryan.


Sandy Profile Pic

Sandy Eichman, Operations Manager

Customers tend to know her as the person who makes sure their product is delivered as promised. But her coworkers know her as “the dog whisperer.” Learn more about Sandy.

Shirley Profile Pic

Shirley Clawson, Strategic Advisor

A sought-after conference luminary, Shirley guided Windward as President/CEO between 2009 & 2014. Currently serving as a Strategic Advisor to the company, her career spans more than 25 years of leadership in the software industry. See how Shirley helps Windward.


Nancy Profile Pic

Nancy Bodnar, Director of People

As an advocate for employees and the company, Nancy ensures that Windward’s core values are taken to heart. The most important skill she employs? Listening. Get to know Nancy.

Heidi Profile Pic

Heidi Anderson, Chief Content Creator

If you’ve read it on the Windward site, Heidi likely has either written or edited it. The content creator spends her day on blog posts, white papers, case studies, emails, newsletter items, video scripts, web pages and whatever else comes up. Find out more about Heidi.


Roman Profile Pic

Roman Matskiv, Product Manager

Roman works closely with many departments to make sure there is a consistent vision of the Windward product. He also analyzes Windward’s performance with a main focus on making our product better — and he does so by focusing on Windward customers. Learn more about Roman.

Connor Profile Pic

Connor Shore, Development Intern

Windward interns are valuable members of our team. Check out intern Connor Shore’s profile to find out what he likes most about working at Windward, what his biggest work challenge is, and one cool fact about Connor that you probably didn’t know. See more about Connor.

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