Customer Snapshot: ArtsVision


Who They Are
ArtsVision, a company that streamlines and simplifies every step of the artistic planning and production process.

How They Do It
ArtsVision makes software for managing performance and rehearsal spaces, people and equipment, productions and rentals within one system.

What They Do
The nature of their data model includes classical music organizations, concerts, artists, symphonies and movements within symphonies. The relationships of these entities drives the layering of the report data. ArtsVision uses Windward’s .NET Engine and AutoTag software to create report templates for their customers.

Where Windward Helps

  • ArtsVision can generate reports of more than 100 pages while achieving smooth performance.
  • ArtsVision can extract data to an XML format and run their reports against the XML data files.
  • ArtsVision can easily nest “Foreach” loops where some of the loops go 5 layers deep into the data model.

Why They Use Windward
“Thank goodness for Windward. We had been wasting hundreds of hours hand coding report templates because of stringent layout requirements. Windward automates the process and helps us get our customers the data they need.

“Plus, integrating the .NET Engine was a no-brainer. We just dropped the ASP code example that Windward provided into our app, tweaked the code in four places, and the software was up and running.” — Tom Nazelli, president and CEO of ArtsVision

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