Customer Snapshot: Conexus Credit Union

     “Windward helps us give our members a consistent, quick and accurate experience at the time of onboarding.” – Kevin McCormack, Technology Solutions Manager

Who They Are
Conexus logoDesignated as one of the 50 best employers in Canada for 2014, Conexus Credit Union is Saskatchewan’s largest and Canada’s sixth largest credit union. Conexus manages $6.04 billion in total funds and has approximately 116,000 members. More than 900 employees and sales professionals serve more than 50 locations throughout the province.

Conexus Credit Union offers clients a complete range of financial solutions including credit union banking services, financial planning and investments. Its subsidiary, Conexus Insurance, also provides personal and general insurance. Conexus provides expert professional service, strong financial performance and innovative products and services.

What Makes Them Different
As Canada’s “best-kept secret,” Conexus and other credit unions have ranked first for overall customer service excellence for eight years running according to Synovate, Canada’s annual Best Banking Awards.

But while the organization falls into the banking category when it comes to awards, Conexus is a credit union, not a bank. And unlike with a bank, the customer-members and shareholder-members are always one and the same. Conexus is never forced to choose between customers and shareholders, and its members trust and understand that their financial well-being is not sacrificed for shareholder returns.

How They Use Windward
Conexus uses Windward to quickly produce required documents at the time of new, personal banking Member onboarding. After replacing a time-consuming, manual paperwork procedure with Windward’s Embedded Solution, the Conexus front line business staff has seen vast improvement in the accuracy, speed and consistency of their new member process. Conexus also plans to expand the use of Windward in many other business processes in the future.

How Windward Benefits Conexus Customers

“Windward helps us give our Members a consistent, quick and accurate experience at the time of onboarding,” said Kevin McCormack, Technology Solutions Manager. “This allows us to spend more time on meaningful conversations that help Conexus determine the best ways to serve our Members’ needs.”

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