Customer Snapshot: OBOS (Oslo Housing and Savings Society)

     “Windward is by far the best tool we saw, and I think you’ve got a good product!” — Anders Brunland, Manager of Web and Integration

Who They Are
OBOS logoOslo Housing and Savings Society (OBOS) is the largest Nordic cooperative building association. Established in 1929, the company strives to make housing available to members and to manage housing cooperatives and condominium associations.

What Sets Them Apart
OBOS has grown from modest beginnings to where it is now owned by 330,000 members, most of them in the Oslo area. OBOS manages more than 4,000 cooperatives (or blocks) and condominiums through two subsidiaries, totaling more than 196,000 homes and apartments. The OBOS Group includes 18 wholly owned subsidiaries that employ more than 1,000 people.

How They Use Windward
When you manage so many apartments, there’s a lot of paperwork. OBOS has created a secure Web portal for customers that uses AutoTag and the Java Engine for its document generation component. OBOS customers can log in, request any document they need, click on the template, and “serve themselves.” Two primary use cases are:

  • OBOS produces around 4,000 annual reports for each housing block per year.
  • OBOS offers approximately 100 templates for company/apartment block owners, who use the templates to generate purchase statements, monthly maintenance fee letters, and new block board invitations, among other documents.

How Their Customers Benefit from Windward
Anders Brunland, Manager of Web and Integration, said Windward meets numerous criteria. For control and security purposes, OBOS requires a tool that will create documents through a server cloud solution. They need to be able to develop in Java because they are a Java house. They desire to partner with a stable company that will be around for the long term. And, they want to provide critical benefits to their customers.

“The templates are easy for anyone to complete and understand,” Brunland said. “We also wanted a solution where users could preview the finished document prior to printing. Windward is by far the best tool we saw, and I think you’ve got a good product!”

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