Customer Snapshot: PSC

Customers are ecstatic about the document automation solutions we put in place.” — Hit Mistry, Director of Engagement Management

psc_primarylogo_wtaglineWho They Are

PSC is a professional services and information technology consulting firm that understands technology is fundamental in the development of business solutions. PSC offices are headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, with additional offices in downtown Chicago and Overland Park, Kansas.

What Sets Them Apart

PSC clients achieve their long-term objectives, tap the power of technology and build results at the bottom line. Listening closely to clients and responding to their needs is a fundamental part of PSC’s culture. PSC has a history with clientele that is based on mutual respect, integrity and honesty.

How They Use Windward

One of the solutions PSC offers to clients is document automation, and at the center of that is Windward’s document generation tools. PSC showcases the docgen solution via a custom demo that the company created. The demo highlights the ease of template generation using familiar MS Office applications, re-usability of template elements via POD files, and extensibility with other applications within the organization.

How Their Customers Benefit from Windward

“Customers are ecstatic about the document automation solutions PSC put in place and are benefiting with rapid creation and maintenance of templates since this job responsibility has shifted from the IT development team to the business team,” says Hit Mistry, Director of Engagement Management. “This reduces the turn-around time for making modifications and frees up valuable IT resources to perform other tasks. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Interested in Other Customer Use Cases?

Our customer snapshots are short overviews. If you’re looking for a more in-depth examination of how a business or organization has used Windward’s products, check out our online case studies.