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Your Customers Deserve the Best

While reporting and document generation may be one of the last steps your customers take when using your software, it’s also (1) the most tangible representation of your product, and (2) the last and strongest impression they’ll have of your product. Even the best user interface can’t salvage the poor impression left by rigid, complicated, and unreadable documents.

Whether you consider yourself an OEM, ISV, ASP or just “packaged software,” your users and customers demand the best possible reporting and document generation functionality, and Windward can help deliver exactly that.

That’s why you’re here, right?

5 Reasons You Should Partner with Windward

award1.  To Best Your Competition

Make Windward your competitive advantage through beautiful, impressive and hassle-free documents. In a world where software features converge and the latest tools quickly devolve to mere commodities, you can differentiate your product through superior reporting and document generation (see below for details).

comment-right2. To Meet Your Client Demands

Your users want flexible reporting that’s easy to implement. Windward’s reporting solutions use Microsoft Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® as the design tool, which means  rapid customization in any format they want (PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, etc…). Enhance your product’s capabilities by delivering effective reports that enable end-user design.

calendar-time3. To Save Precious Development Time

Our solutions quickly and cleanly integrateup and running in as few as 14 lines of code. Our template designer will have you cranking out and updating templates in record time, and business analysts and end users – not your developers – can update or add new templates.

financial4. To Not Break the Bank

We offer cost-effective pricing that aligns with your sales model. We can mimic your SaaS model or any other model you use, even to your smallest account. By working with our partners to ensure they only pay for what they need, we are part of many mutually successful partnerships. Check out a few OEM pricing examples.

check-box5. To Work with a Stable Partner Dedicated to Your Success

Windward Studios is proud of our ten-year track record of high-quality solutions. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and an Oracle Gold Partner that stays focused on our customers’ needs for superior template design, drag-and-drop functionality and flexibility with coding and data sources. And we deliver exceptional support, training, and documentation, with a 98% satisfaction rating from our customers.

How Windward Works

It’s as easy as embed, design, and deliver. The Windward Embedded Solution helps you add advanced reporting and document generation functionality into your new or existing software application. You can think of it as a simple series of complementary, inter-connected tools:


It all starts when you integrate the Windward Java, .NET, and RESTful engines into your product codebase, in as few as 14 lines of code. That means more time for testing, lower development costs and faster time to market for your product.

Non-developers and business analysts then apply the AutoTag design tool to create beautiful report templates in Microsoft® Office®, a tool they already know, and to link those templates to one or more data sources. Template design is moved to the end business user and no longer interrupts or delays the time developers need to work on actual code.

Finally, your end users can run and distribute those reports when and where they want, in widely used and widely accepted formats. Revisions in Office are simple and quick.

What makes Windward a standout solution? You get:

  1. Template design without formatting restrictions
  2. Template creation by the end user, not the developer
  3. Rapid revision time when documents and reports need updating
  4. Faster time to market due to simplified coding and testing
  5. Lowered development costs through customized licensing and A+ support

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