Systems Integrators and IT Consultants

Hired by end users to provide custom solutions, including integrating reporting into third-party applications? You’re in the right place.

Easy Integration and Customization Will Make Your Solution Shine

Systems Integrators (SIs) and IT Consultants hired to do discovery, implement software and provide custom solutions need a reporting component they trust to put their name on.

Because Windward uses Microsoft® Office® as the designer, you can quickly convert existing client Word or Excel® output documents into fully functional report templates. You can promote your custom solution in any way imaginable — with fewer limitations than ever before.


Key Windward Benefits:

  • Unparalleled flexibility with layout and design
  • Familiar design interface empowers end users
  • Connect to multiple data sources and export to multiple formats
  • Easy to embed with straightforward sample code
  • Drag and drop data placement streamlines design
  • Lightning-fast generation speed
  • Dynamic sub reporting
  • Easy query wizards save development and delivery time
  • End users can edit reports using skills they already have

Using straightforward tools to deliver reporting or document generation components let’s you to focus on meeting your customers’ objectives.

It’s a “Win-Win” situation: your customers benefit from robust and efficient products designed to their needs, and you build long-term relationships with your clients.

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