Windward’s Data Solution Products

Great products that work together for designing, generating and delivering vital reports and documents.




The Windward Solution

The Windward Reporting Solution is ideal for commercial software developers, IT consultants, enterprises, or system integrators who need to add reporting and document generation functionality to their desktop, online, SaaS or mobile products.

Simply put, the Windward Solution works for your reporting or document generation needs, no matter your industry or situation.

Windward Solution Components

The Windward Solution consists of two products that work seamlessly together: the Engine code libraries and the AutoTag report builder.

Engine 280px AutoTag 280px

The Engine is a set of code libraries for integrating reporting and document generation into internal and commercial software applications. You can:

AutoTag, Windward’s report builder and template design tool, lets you create your report and document templates in Microsoft Office.  You can:

  • Generate pages per second, not seconds per page
  • Use a variety of data sources, even simultaneously on the same template
  • Work with an extremely small footprint
  • Output to a wide range of formats including DOCX, RTF, PDF, HTML, XLSX, or even directly to your printer
  • Use a Java, .NET or RESTful Engine
  • Integrate with just a few lines of code
  • Work within your existing security protocols

Note: the Engines do not require Microsoft Office to be installed on your server.

  • Create templates in Word, Excel or PowerPoint – business applications you already know how to use
  • Design and format report templates without relying on your IT staff
  • Customize the reports and documents your end users want because AutoTag offers unmatched flexibility
  • Enable end users to easily modify and edit templates
  • Cut your template design time drastically
  • Create reports without the typical limitations of banded and proprietary design tools
 Learn more about the Engine  Learn more about AutoTag

Do you need all of the great benefits of Windward’s reporting and document generation solution, but would also like a clean pre-built interface to store, run, and schedule your report templates? Well then we’ve got the answer.

Javelin Reporting

With Javelin, you get an out-of-the-box reporting portal that gives you the ability to upload, manage, and run your reports all with the click of a button. You can manage user roles, schedule report runs, and even update multiple templates at once.

Learn more about Javelin