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AutoTag is a free-form report design tool for creating exactly the template layout you want.

What is AutoTag?

This important component of Windward’s report writing and document generation  solutions lets you design, format and edit reports completely in Microsoft Office (AutoTag for Word and AutoTag for Excel).

AutoTag adds in to Word and Excel as a ribbon and gives you the power to link your documents and spreadsheets to nearly any data source you have. Your only template design limitations are those already in Word and Excel, and those of your own imagination.

Who is AutoTag for?

AutoTag is best for business professionals and organizations who need to run single reports or generate documents that must include data from one or more sources. With Office-based templates AutoTag solves the problem of how to bring your data to life – without resorting to overly complex, code-driven template design.

If you’re looking to add reporting or docgen functionality to a software product, you will need the Engine in addition to AutoTag.

Looking for AutoTag in a Specific Microsoft Office Program?

What Can You Do with AutoTag?

Design in a Familiar, Free-Form Interface

Designing in Office means an end to “banded” report writing with limited formatting. With AutoTag, it means data layout is easier than ever. Instead of battling a proprietary reporting interface such as Crystal Reports, you design reports on your desktop just like any other document with Office’s powerful features.

Place Your Data with Drag and Drop

Drag and drop your data placeholders directly into your template with no coding required. Yay!

Carry Your Styling across All Reports

Streamline how you create multiple reports with fully supported Office styles. This includes your existing styles, brand guidelines, and industry- or customer-mandated standards. Format 100-page documents in only a few clicks.

Connect to Multiple Data Sources Simultaneously

Connect to as many data sources as you need in a single report. It’s easy thanks to AutoTag’s intuitive data source connectors. View a current list of supported data sources.

Get Started Faster with Query Creation Wizards

AutoTag query wizards are easy to use so you spend more time designing a report and less time figuring out how to create queries.

flagMake Revisions Quickly

Because your templates are in Microsoft Office, updating them is as simple as opening the file, making your format changes or creating new data links, and clicking on Save. It’s end-user driven design, so no need to bother the developers.

Create Informative — and Engaging! — Charts

If you can create a graph in Word or Excel, you can create it in AutoTag. You control the axes, the colors, the styles, and other chart design elements.

Receive Your Output in the Formats You Need

Output to whatever standards your organization and customers have. Choose from DOCX, RTF, PDF, HTML, XLSX, or even directly to your printer. Don’t see your format listed? Drop us a note.

Structure Complex Documents with Dynamic Sub Reports

Do your reports require complex logic such as multiple if/then statements? AutoTag dramatically reduces the complexity by allowing you to directly insert dynamic sub reports into your master document.

Replicate Entire Reports with a Few Clicks via Pods

Pods are report segments or entire reports that you can save and reuse in other reports as many times as you see fit. Watch this short Pods video to see how it works.

Proven Customer Performance Results

“Windward is the best solution available because of its small footprint.” See the performance results and learn why Aon Hewitt chose Windward.


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