Microsoft PowerPoint Reporting Solutions with AutoTag

Microsoft PowerPoint is a superior report template design interface that enables free-form design, requires little training and includes a wealth of built-in tools. When you use AutoTag for PowerPoint as your template design tool, you reap many benefits.

Cost Savings

Skip the iterative report design process with its multiple touch points between business and IT groups. Because the business user can design presentations in PowerPoint, there’s no need for the cumbersome back-and-forth. The measurable time savings per report significantly add up across your enterprise.

Quick and Easy Report Design

PowerPoint has an intuitive interface and its free-form (i.e. non-banded) solution lets you lay out elements exactly as you wish. Plus, the ribbon displays logical groups of commands and features, making it easy to quickly perform any task. And drop-down galleries get you to the tools you need – fast.

Unmatched Report Output Flexibility

Need to manipulate that eye-catching chart? AutoTag for PowerPoint reporting treats charts as charts and not as static images, so the presentation recipient can format the chart however desired. And you can output the report to a PDF file.

See AutoTag for PowerPoint in Action

Check out the guided tour for the full overview in 90 seconds, or download the trial to get down and dirty and find out just how much better your reporting will be with Windward.

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