AutoTag for Microsoft Word

Create Reports Natively in
Microsoft Word

Most business users already know how to use Microsoft Word to format text, insert images, add rows to tables, and work with tools useful for report creation.  Microsoft Word reports require little training, and users save measurable time when designing templates.

Windward’s AutoTag for Word builds on this concept, providing you with an intuitive reporting experience.  This ensures that your reports are finished quickly, so you can get back to your core business.



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Output to Almost Any Format

You need to deliver your reports in a variety of formats. Windward’s AutoTag for Word reporting enables you to produce reports in a wide range of outputs including DOCX, PDF and HTML.

Not only is the format flexible, but the content is as well. For example, you can generate reports with sensitive data and only populate information relevant to the users who will consume it. Customize your report and document design to suit your specific business needs and end users.


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Distribute to Anyone, Anywhere

You’re building reports for others – your customer, peers, executives – to use. AutoTag for Word gives you the ability to generate your reports in the raw document formats they need.

Each output format can be opened by its native program and manipulated just as you would expect.  You can take the credit while AutoTag does the work.




Build with Dynamic Charts and Images

With the AutoTag Report Builder, embedding and ordering charts and images requires no special effort. Charts and images work exactly as you expect, and Windward makes it easier by showing you a preview of your charts and images directly in the template.

Because charts and images are native Word objects, you can apply the formatting that you are used to how you want it, when you want it.  Best of all, if your output targets are Office formats you can alter the look of your charts in exactly the same manner.  Make your visual content shine to deliver effective reports.




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Design Templates in Your Look,
Your Way

You chose Microsoft Word to compose your reports because you value the freedom it gives you in designing a modern, professional looking report.

AutoTag for Word makes use of free-form report writing allowing you to place items exactly where you want them.  Gone are the days of building a single “banded” area for repeating data on a page.  Give your templates your look, your way.









Add Dynamic Logic and Formatting

Templates designed with AutoTag for Word allow you to specify conditions where sections of your text and data are shown or hidden dynamically using If/Else and Switch/Case statements. These controls can be applied to any item, multiple sections or pages in a Word document.  Giving you the ability to create a single template generating multiple versions of output based on your requirements.



Import Sub-templates and Documents

At Windward, we realize that you need to include other document formats in your reports.  AutoTag for Word allows you to import DOCX and PDF documents into your template to be included in your final report.

This feature also allows you to import sub-templates to reuse templates you have already built.  Putting all this together gives you the ability to create report packets consisting of multiple documents dynamically.  Stop collating and start delivering.




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Select Data via Wizards

We understand that not all of your critical data comes in the same format. That’s why Windward allows you to connect to a large variety of data sources to create the reports you need.

We also get that not everyone is a data professional, and so our data source Wizards make it easy to drag and drop items from your data to get the results you expect.



Much More – See AutoTag for Word in Action

Check out the guided tour for the full overview in 90 seconds, or download the trial to explore all our features and find out just how much better your reporting will be with Windward.

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