Speed is critical for your application

Speed drives your business

Speed wins you customers

At Windward we understand that getting things done as well as getting them done quickly is what counts.

We put our name on it.

That is why over the lifetime of our product we have always driven to give the best performance possible for document generation.   Our memory footprint has decrease 4 fold over the years due to the excellent work of our development team.

In the end we can produce statistics and performance results but we know those numbers can be skewed.   Instead we integrated a performance test directly into our Engine so that you can put us to the test in your environment to see exactly how we perform.

We are proud of our engine speed, so come on.  Put to your test.

Let Windward show you the performance gains you can expect.

Attain Impressive Reporting Speed

The Windward Engine is so fast output is measured in pages per second, not seconds per page. There is no trade off between efficient memory use and fast speed. The Windward Engine doesn’t bog down your system and is ideal for embedding in your own software application.

View the latest Engine Performance Testing Report.

Produce Loads of Reports Per Day

You can produce hundreds of thousands of reports every day. The Engine is fully re-entrant and thread safe.

What Customers are Saying about Windward’s Blazing Performance


Learn how Aon Hewitt maximized the performance of the Windward Engine producing upwards of 36,000,000 reports per day.