Version 13

Extend Windward’s abilities today by taking advantage of the great new features in Version 13!

Shapes and SmartArt

98% of the most commonly used functions for Shapes and SmartArt.  Ability to add Windward dynamic tagging technology in both Microsoft Shapes and SmartArt.

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Document Locking for Word and Excel

Support for native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint document locking. Ability to lock all or parts of your template.  Carry restrictions to your output, to prevent users from changing restricted areas.

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Pivot Table Support in Excel

Support for the Pivot Tables in templates.   Create Pivot Tables from existing spreadsheet data or dynamic data using Windward tags as a data source in your templates.

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Panama Canal Crop

Linked Text Box Support for Word

Support for Windward tags in text boxes allowing tag data to overflow into a linked text box at another location in your document. Read More on Windward Blogs

New Data Sources

We are always striving to connect Windward products to your data no matter where or how it is stored.  That’s why we’ve added the following data sources.

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Footnotes and Endnotes Support

Support for native Microsoft Word footnotes and endnotes. Add dynamic Windward tags or normal text to create explanations and citations. Read More on Windward Blogs

Font Substitution

There are times when Windward is not able to find the exact font for your desired output format. Instead of outputting blank areas, it now sizes your requested font to find the closest possible substitute when your font is not available and makes use of the font without the glyphs in the text added from the tag.


Import Tag That Allows the Use of Parent Formatting

When you import a subdocument into a parent document, you may want the parent document’s formatting to override any of the imported document styles.  You can now have any imported document receive the styles of its parent on output.

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Improved HTML Output and Embedded Images

Improved HTML output support offering more robust output. Including embedding images directly in the HTML document.


Word Advanced Image Properties Support Added

Windward has always had the ability to import images into a document. Now take advantage of the advanced image properties that Microsoft Word offers, such as shadows, borders, and styles.

Increased Performance

Version 13’s core code has been reworked and optimized to offer a reduced memory footprint, faster PDF generation and full documentation of supported features and limitations in the specifications for DOCX, XLSX and PPTX.

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Generate Code Tool

AutoTag’s Generate Code tool allows you to open an existing template and, with a click of a button, automatically create a window with the code needed to run your current template with all data sources and variables in your .NET or Java project. The process is quick, shortens delivery time and helps alleviate any bumps in the road.

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